Nuwa Eye Serum


A combination of natural botanicals with potent moisturising, hydrating, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects as well as collagen promoting ingredients which tighten and tone the skin, stimulating tired skin, brightening dull complexion after a long night, and help release excess fluid under the skin and improve circulation which reduces puffiness. As well as skin brightening extracts which reduce hyper-pigmentation and evens skin tone under the eyes. This eye serum helps tighten and brighten the under eye area.

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Ingredients:   Aqua, Rose Hydrosol, Glycerine, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Papaya Extract, Calendula Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Camellia oil, Xantham gum, Parfum*.

*Parfum is the required legal name in ingredients lists for the preservative Naticide, it is derived from almond trees and is one of the safest preservatives, which just so happens to smell of light vanilla and almond hence why it is listed as parfum. Our products have no added fragrances besides this preservative.

Note: If using other products, It is recommended that this product be used at the end, so that it does not get spread around to other areas and lose its potency. Makeup can be applied on top of it once absorbed.


Ingredients Overview:

Green Coffee Bean Extract
Green coffee bean is an excellent source of antioxidants, caffeine and chlorogenic acids, all of which have anti-inflammatory effects as well as tighten and tone the skin. Green coffee bean also stimulates and restores balance to tired skin, brightening dull complexion after a long night, it helps release excess fluid under the skin and improve circulation which reduces puffiness.

Apart from the antioxidant agents, green coffee beans are also rich in fatty acids and esters including Arahidic Acid, Linoleic Acid and Oleic Acid, which nourishes and moisturizes our skin to stop sagging and discoloration.


Papaya Extract
Contains enzymes Papain and Pectinesrase, as well as being a natural source of vitamin C and phenolic antioxidants. All of which help smooth, soften, rejuvenate and brighten the skin. It also encourages collagen production.


Calendula Extract
Increases skin hydration and firmness, soothes and calms the skin reducing redness and blemishes. Has antifungal, anti-inglammatory and antibacterial properties and promotes production of collagen, for brighter glowing complection.


Aloe Vera Extract
Has potent hydrating properties to help relieve dryness. Contains aloin which works to effectively decrease hyperpigmentation and brighten skin. Has anti-inflammatory effects which relieves swelling and puffiness.


Rose Hydrosol
Soothes irritation and inflammation, reduces redness and puffiness, contains antioxidants that protect cells from damage, adds hydration and removes impurities for more vibrant looking skin.


Camelia Oil
Contains skin-perfecting vitamins, polyphenol antioxidants, and nutrients, this oil permeates deep into lower layers of the skin, promoting cell growth, giving skin support and flexibility. that help preserve the youthful glow of your skin and combat sign of ageing.


Allows the skin to retain moisture, increasing hydration, relieve dryness, and refresh the skin’s surface while also helping to soften the skin.
*The Glycerin we use is derived from flaxseeds, not palm-oil.


No palm oil
Environmentally friendly
No added fragrances or colours
Cruelty-free and non-animal tested
No harmful, toxic or carcinogenic ingredients

Note: Different batches may vary in colour and texture, however ingredients and their benefits are still the same.

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