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Re-use your own containers

Esoterance is committed to minimising waste as much as possible. As such we encourage customers to send in their own containers which we can fill with our products and send them back to you!

In return you will receive:
– Free Postage from us (you will still have to pay postage to send your containers to us)
– 5$ discount on orders over 100$

How does it work?:

1) Create your order as usual.

2)At checkout select “I would like to use my own container(s)” which will give you free postage.

3) Place your container(s) in the appropriate postage packaging, ensuring that it is secure with padding as required such that it will not break or be damaged.

4) Send your containers to *this* address.

As soon as we receive your parcel, we will fill your container(s) with your order and post it back. We will re-use the same packaging material and padding to send back your order in order to minimise waste.

The container you send us for filling must be able to fit equal or greater of the quantity that you order (preferably equal), but also not overly large that postage becomes difficult.

*Important* Make sure that the containers are clean and suitable for holding cosmetics, having non-reactive surfaces, and sufficiently sealable that contents will not leak.  The container must also be sufficiently easy to fill with our product (ie. Not have really small holes that can only be filled with special equipment.  

Disclaimer: Esoterance is not responsible for breakage or damage to containers you send us in cases that appropriate packaging and padding material was not used.